Me my nice and our Labrador?


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This is actually the true story of my niece, Emily. She is a toddler but filled to the brim with a vast love for animals that has always made her stand out. The story is about her adopting an abandoned pup. We both have a liking for pets, but we haven’t adopted any before. Still, Emily’s different behavior toward animals always kindles admiration in me!

I, being living in Seattle, live in a house adjacent to my brother’s house where Emily and her folks reside. I never miss a chance to spend some time with the kids, especially Emily; she loves me beyond limits. I? I have never adopted any pet myself, but I appreciate them immensely; of course, Emily is the polar opposite of this. Emily, an ardent animal lover, is deeply enchanted by every furry friend she meets! It was on an afternoon, all sunny and bright that she spotted a rather unusual scene near the bushes in the local park!

To her surprise, she found a two-year-old Labrador pup abandoned inside the bush. Fear, mixed with longing, was visible in his eyes. Emily felt a sudden, deep connection with the puppy; she lovingly embraced him, his heartbeat resonating with hers. Emily knew, without a second thought, that this connection was not fleeting, and so she decided to introduce this bundle of fur named Max to her homestead!

Despite Max’s troubled past, he adjusted to his new life with Emily! His playful nature and boundless energy led to many funny incidents. These stories always kept Emily on her toes.

One dramatic incident that Emily still laughs about is when she returns home from work to find her home turned into a chaotic playground. Pieces of cushion were scattered across the floor, curtains hung askew, and muddy paw prints adorned the floor in a sequential pattern. In the midst of the chaos, there stood Max, with a chewed-up slipper held proudly between his teeth!

Then, this other time, Emily thought of giving Max a relaxing bath! But, uh, Max turned it into an epic whitewater fighting it, probably more than Emily anticipated. Both Emily and Max ended up splashing water on each other, and well, yeah, they ended up thoroughly drenched,

But all of these ‘incidents’ only made Emily love Max even more. Their bond was grown stronger by shared experiences, whether hiking in the greeneries outside the town or just leisurely lounging on a sunny afternoon. Despite the constant reminder about his knack for playful mischief, Max’s unwavering loyalty and affection for Emily stood firm!

Afterward, Emily understood that bringing Max into her life was probably the best decision she had ever made. Max taught her the true meaning of unconditional love and friendship and brought nothing but joy into her life! Their journey and, uh, adventures have just begun, and there’s a lot more in store for them, indeed.

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